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How to solve a malfunction of an UdiMatic filter

udimatic filterIt is possible that an UdiMatic filter shows a fault, or that other problems occur. In that case, it is important that you act as quickly as possible and resolve the fault. In this article, our specialist will list the most common failures of an UdiMatic filter and the associated solutions for you.

Note: Do not open or tighten the filter cover while the filter is in use or under pressure!

Possible malfunctions and solutions

Possible cause
Filter rinses often
Extra polluted water
Taking measures on the suction side
Pressure drop increases rapidly
Insufficient cleaning:
1. Input pressure too low
2. Output pressure (flush pressure) too low

1. Multi-pressure pump
2. Mounting the pressure valve after the filter

Drain hose runs only 2 - 3 seconds instead of 8 - 10 seconds
Rotor does not go up and down
Check cylinder
Filter does not flush after pressing button
Electric and/or valveTest: Disconnecting the hose
Filter does not rinse on ΔP and/or time
Print settings / ΔP switch
Checking settings / Testing voltage
Rinsing ended slowly
Finger filter is clogged

Other failure of an UdiMatic filter

If the UdiMatic filter shows a different fault, consult your dealer.


To prevent malfunctions, it is important that you maintain the UdiMatic filter properly and clean it regularly.

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