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Multiroller Haulm and Plastic Roller

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Multiroller Haulm and Plastic Roller

Item no. 941900170
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Multi-roller foliage and plastic remover

The Multiroller is built for heavy work and is often used by growers, screen installers, contractors and greenhouse demolition contractors. The multi roller is used during crop rotation for rolling up tomato crop, soil film, soil cloth, screen cloth, support wires, drip hoses, CO2 casings, etcetera. In addition, this machine is also widely used for placing or replacing screen cloth and anti-condensation film or in the open field for removing ground cloth.

The material is rolled onto a tapered hexagonal pen, which is equipped with a powerful hydraulic shear. The machine is very heavy duty, making it suitable for the toughest conditions.

The Multiroller can be equipped with various connections for coupling to forklift truck (FEM), tractor (three point) or wheel loader (quick lock). The Multiroller is equipped with hydraulic quick locks. If only one hydraulic function is available on the vehicle, the Multi Roller can optionally be equipped with a change-over valve. By means of a switch one can change the function between rolling up and printing.

Technical specifications

Dimensions LxWxH2,438* x 1,710x 1,711 mm
Hydraulic operating pressure100-230 bar
Hydraulic flow30-60 liters/min
Own weight660 kg
Standard accessoriesStorage stand and mounting suitable for a FEM-board, three-point or Weidemann 3007 
Extra optionHydraulic 6/2-Valve 12VDC or 24VDC for rolling up and pushing off is mounted onto the Multi-roller
*Length: 2438 mm(Fem-bord), 2498 mm (three-point), 2,623 mm (Weidemann 3,007)

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