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Royal Brinkman UK wins award with Celine

royal brinkman uk wins award with celineSeptember 11, 2023
On Tuesday evening (5 September) at the Four Oaks Trade Show in the UK, Royal Brinkman UK colleagues received the Technical Excellence award for the Celine Unit from HortWeek. Congratulations on this great recognition! The Celine measurement system is a valuable innovation for real-time control and digitalisation of fertilisation in horticulture. Royal Brinkman and CE-Line BV, a startup from Heerenveen, have joined forces to introduce the system in horticulture. So it has not gone unnoticed in the UK either.

Nikki Hargreaves, branch manager RBUK: “We are very excited to have received this accolade and look forward to positive results from all the promotional activity, social media, media through HortWeek and increased brand awareness for both Royal Brinkman UK and Celine. We are very proud of our team in the UK and I sincerely thank everyone involved in selling and promoting the Celine Unit, as well as all of you who were involved in making Four Oaks a success.”

The Celine unit is a technical system that takes completely independent samples of the watering and drain water: not once a week but eight (!) times a day. And it does not stop at taking a water sample, the sample is also analysed in real time for nutrients present. With the results, a grower can manage fertilisation much faster. CE-Line is a great example of Let's improve together, the way in which Royal Brinkman works with growers, research bodies, startups and suppliers to improve horticulture.

royal brinkman uk wins award with celine
Picture: Team Royal Brinkman UK with the award
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