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Finish clean, start clean for a hygienic start of the new crop
For many growers, crop rotation is a hectic period: within a short period of time, the old crop is removed from the greenhouse and the new crop has to start as soon as possible. Hygiene is a very important issue here: by using various hygiene measures to prevent any diseases and pests from remaining in the greenhouse, you ensure that the new crop is not infected again. In other words, finish clean, start clean! In this white paper we list all the points of attention concerning crop rotation.

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    Get access to the whitepaper with all information about a hygienic start of the new crop. The product specialists of the Crop Care, Crop Rotation and Horti-Hygienz departments will help you in the preparation for and during the start of the new crop. It all revolves around planning, consideration and the right applications. Fill in the form below to download the whitepaper about crop rotation.

  • Contents whitepaper 
    In this white paper you will find the following information: 

    Finish clean, start clean
    Step-by-step plan for crop rotation
    Apply glass cleaner
    Clean drip system after cultivation
    Dealing with waste water during the cultivation cycle
    Draw up a hygiene plan

Martin MeuldijkAbout Martin Meuldijk

Martin Meuldijk has had more than 20 years of experience in the glass horticulture, nationally as well as internationally. Ever since 2016 he has been working at Royal Brinkman as a product specialist for the topics of Crop Rotation and Service Items. He likes to help growers to get the best results from their cultivation. His approach? ";Do what you say and say what you do: that is my motto. I attach great importance to always giving proper and honest advice."

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