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All products for growing cucumbers professionally

Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for growing cucumbers professionally. On this website you have access to 30 000 horticultural supplies for professional growers, worldwide delivery and personal advice from our specialists. On this page you’ll find specified products and information for growing cucumbers indoors. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for cucumbers.

For growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, you need products for different growing stages. Before the cucumber crop is planted in the greenhouse, the greenhouse can be equipped with:
  • Disinfect the cucumber greenhouse and consider the personal hygiene, for example with hygiene stations, to prevent diseases and viruses entering the greenhouse.
  • Substrate mats in hydrophonics cultivation, like Grodan with their Grodan Vital substrate mats.
  • Use twines for proper cucumber support for the growing cucumber plants, like the jute twine cucumber
  • For grafting of the Cucurbits (cucumber, (water)melon and zucchini) Brinkman has designed special grafting clips for top grafting and for approximation grafting.
When the growing cucumber plants are in the greenhouse you have to think of the following products:
  • A decent cucumber fertilizer is essential to get the most out of your growing cucumbers, like the cucumber fertilizer Fertigro
  • Biological crop protection for cucumber plant support in fighting pests. By starting early you don't give pests a chance to develop in your crop.
  • Spraying equipment is used worldwide to apply pesticides and to use for cleaning tasks.
  • Sticky traps for monitoring and mass-trapping of flying insects
  • By applying a shading agents or diffuse coating to the greenhouse roof , you create  a optimal greenhouse climate and prevent peaks.
  • PH meters help to check the pH value, or the acidity, in soil, feed water, drain water and dropping-pits.
  • Knives to make sure that no damage is done to the growing cucumber plant during harvesting, and leaf cutting. A useful knife is the 40 mm round.
  • Have you also thought of an optimal internal transport in your greenhouse, to make sure harvested cucumbers can be packed as quickly as possible?

Cucumber fertilizers

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Cucumber support

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Cucumber grafting clips

Which substrate slab is suitable for my growing cucumbers?

Grodan Vital
Grodan Vital
One year slab for fast re-saturation within safe yield
Cultivation: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and egg plant
 Sustained water and nutrient supply
 Simple irrigation
 Fast, uniform gas development
 Efficient WG and EC correction

Grodan Vital dry
Grodan Vital Dry
One year slab with steady water distribution over the base
Cultivation: sweetpeppers, cucumbers and egg plant
 Generative crop response
 Fast and stable crop response
 Fast weather dependent response
 High irrigation efficiency

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