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Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for growing roses professionally. On this website you have access to 30 000 horticultural supplies for professional growers, worldwide delivery and personal advice from our specialists. On this page you’ll find specified products and information for growing roses, like fertilizer for roses. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for growing roses.

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Crop Care

The products within the Crop Care theme focus on getting the most out of the crop’s photosynthetic processes. We do this by calculating the best combination of substrate, fertilizer and light conditions using our wide range of shading agents and diffuse coatings. 

From the moment they're harvested, flowers and plants start to lose their vitality. Our post-harvest solutions boost quality, reduce waste and improve the opening of buds. That way, they stay fresher for longer!

Shading agents
Many crops cannot withstand full sun, high temperatures, or both. A shading agent and/or diffuse coating will then provide a solution. This makes it easy to apply a layer to a horticultural greenhouse in the summer period that reflects light and, if desired, also reduces heat.  Peaks in the greenhouse climate are thus easily prevented and full protection of the crop can be expected throughout the season.

In horticulture, fertilization is a crucial part of the growth of the crop. Every crop has different needs and therefore a different fertilization strategy. That is why Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of fertilizers for professional greenhouse horticulture. Whether it concerns sol id fertilizers, single or NPK, or liquid fertilizers in various types.

Crop Rotation

In Crop Rotation section you will find all necessary products for starting up the new season: substrates from rockwool and cocopeat, covers for soil, films, different, pruners and knives, CO2 hoses and many more. 
Horticultural substrates and other accessories are a fundamental part of the growth of a crop. At Royal Brinkman you will find a wide range of substrate mats and other products that are still available during substrate cultivation.  Forteco Power offers the crop several benefits. It retains sufficient water, so there is no risk of the plants drying out. Irrigation is easy, which allows growers to vary the water volume within a safe range.

Substrate mats and foils

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Spray hoses and co2 hoses

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Scissors and knives

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Service articels | Sulphur evaporator

Sulphur evaporator is one of the best methods for the prevention and control of mildew! A sulfur evaporator is used to spread sulfur in a crop with the aim of protecting the crop against powdery mildew. Here, a combination of a good spread and the right amount of sulfur (evaporators) is important.

Good dispersion

A sulphur evaporator uses heating in combination with airflow to spread the sulphur through the greenhouse. The sulphur is heated until the evaporation temperature is reached and a maximum amount of sulphur can be evaporated. The powerful air flow then creates a chimney effect, as a result of which the sulphur is spread uniformly through the greenhouse. 
An even spread is very important, because sulphur has an effect on the basis of contact. This means that it works at the place where the sulphur touches the leaf. So: the better the spread, the more leaf is covered, the greater the protection.

✔ Effective and reliable
✔ Optimum distribution of the sulphur
✔ Low energy consumption
✔ Long lifetime
✔ To deal with mildew effectively, just the right amount of evaporated sulphur and a good distribution of the vapours are necessary

Sulfur supplies

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