Tips for water management in (hot) summer

Water management in (hot) summerDuring the summer, it could happen that the amount of rain water available is insufficient to meet the water needs of your crop. In that case, additional water resources are required. When using city and ditch water, please pay attention, using this type of sources could affect your fertilizer schedule!

If your additional water source is osmosis water, no changes to the feed schedule need to be made. Osmosis water contains, as long as the equipment is well-adjusted, no elements that require a change or correction of your fertilizer schedule. 

Influence on fertilizer schedule

If you do not have osmosis water and us city or ditch water a change in your fertilizer schedule is required. Both city and ditch water contains calcium and substantial amounts of bicarbonate which will increase the pH  level. This amount of bicarbonate is too high to completely neutralize by a pH control system, but when adding an amount of acid you irrigation water the pH could be reduced. 

Ditch water

When using ditch water, it’s preferable first to store the water in a silo. Adding an amount of acid will inside this silo will give the acid some time to react with the bicarbonate. The final fine tuning can then be performed by the actual pH control.

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Questions about water management in summer
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