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Enno Rapid, for effective hand disinfection

Enno Rapid
Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Last update: 04-12-2020

Hygiene is an increasingly important subject within horticulture. Especially hand disinfection is a much discussed topic, because of the risk of contamination. Because Enno Rapid is intended for dry hands, the product can be placed in several places in the company, which reduces the risk of contamination.

What is Enno Rapid?

Enno Rapid is a ready-to-use hand sanitizer that you can use without water. That makes it usable not only at the sink, but in the entire business facility. With frequent use there is nothing more annoying than complaints or damage to the hands, such as dehydration. To prevent this there are skin care elements in Enno Rapid so that this does not happen. The product is also cosmetically approved (CPNP).

Enno Rapid consists of an alcohol solution containing the active ingredient benzoic acid and skin care ingredients. Benzoic acid is effective against bacteria, fungus (spores), viruses and viroids. The acid is naturally present in many fruits, and is also used as a preservative in foods. It has also been tested for long-term effects on the skin. Apart from the fact that Benzoic acid is one of the European allowed ingredients to kill off plant pathogens, its effectiveness has been tested on many plant pathogens.

Effective against diseases and viruses

Enno Rapid is used to disinfect the hands before or during the work to reduce the risk of spreading diseases and viruses. It is also suitable to guarantee the personal hygiene of employees. Regularly disinfecting the hands is part of the total hygiene approach.

Advantages of Enno Rapid

Applicable to bare skin.
Cosmetically tested and approved (CPNP).
No dehydration of the skin by the addition of skin care ingredients.
Ready to go.
Can be used without water.
Simple application, can be used anywhere.
Quickly dries up to resume work.
Contains Benzoic acid, recommended against plant pathogens.


  • In the video on the right you can see how to disinfect the hands in a good way with Enno Rapid and Menno H.

Use of Enno Rapid

Before using Enno Rapid it is important to first clean the hands with soap and water. This way you remove any dirt from the hands. This can be done with Menno-H.  Make sure that the hands are properly dried and therefore free of dirt and dust. Then rub approx. 5 ml for 30 seconds. Don't forget the thumbs, nails and backs of the hands.

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More information about Enno Rapid

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