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How do you establish a hygiene protocol for visitors?

hygiene protocol
Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Last update 20-07-2020

To prevent problems with bacteria, fungi and viruses, it is important to use a hygiene protocol with visitors as much as possible. The hygiene protocol is therefore part of a company's general hygiene plan. By requiring visitors to take hygiene measures, the risk of contamination is reduced. We have drawn up a list of measures which is the basis of the hygiene protocol for guests and which is in line with the official rules of GSPP companies.

Points of attention on hygiene protocol visitors

  • Make sure that visitors register on arrival. This allows you to know who is entering your company and therefore you can easily point out the hygiene protocol for visitors.
  • Allow visitors to disinfect their hands and shoes immediately upon arrival.
  • Provide Visitor coats, hair nets, gloves and boots to your visitors. In this way, they can wear the disposables when entering the greenhouse and you prevent them from transferring bacteria, fungi and viruses to the crop;
  • Let visitors re-contaminate their hands with gloves on before entering the cultivation area;
  • Make sure that visitors do not use their own materials and tools. If necessary, make clear agreements and allow them to disinfect the materials before entering the greenhouse. This reduces the risk of contamination of the crop;
  • Make sure that visitors stay on the main path as much as possible, so that they have minimal contact with the crop. Is it necessary to deviate from this? Make clear agreements about this.
  • Visitors should carefully observe all points of the hygiene protocol. Inform visitors who to contact if they have any questions about the hygiene protocol during their visit.

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Additions hygiene protocol
As mentioned, these points are the basis for establishing the hygiene protocol for visitors. Of course, you can add extra points to this list that are specific to your company.

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