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What do the symbols on the product labels of biological products mean?

Biology product symbols are clearly indicated on the packaging of biological plant protection products. These symbols indicate how to use the product to achieve the best results. On this page you will find an overview of these symbols and their meanings. 

Wat betekenen de symbolen op de productetiketten van biologische bestrijders?
Latest update: 10-03-2020

Temperature during storage

Temperatuur tijdens opslagThis symbol indicates the storage temperature at which you need to keep the material. Adhere to this strictly to ensure the quality of the product. To store organic crop protection products under the right conditions, you can use a biocel.

Transport or store products lying flat

Liggend vervoeren/opslaan Some products are better transported lying down. For example, tubes are better transported lying down, because predatory mites tend to crawl upwards if the tube is upright, making their distribution in the tube and also in the crop uneven. 

Transport/store cultivation bags horizontally

Kweekzakjes horizontaal vervoeren/opslaan There are also products that should be transported horizontally. These products can be recognized by this symbol.

Open the bottle inside the greenhouse

Openen in de kasIf this symbol is on the packaging, it is best to open the bottle inside the greenhouse because the biological products will come directly out of the packaging.

Open the box with predatory wasp strips in the greenhouse

Box openen in de kasThis symbol is found on boxes of predatory wasp strips. If this is the case, it is best to open the box in the greenhouse, as these biological products come straight out of the package.

Open cultivation bags in the greenhouse

Kweekzakjes openen in de kasSome cultivation bags are also best opened once in the greenhouse. These products can be recognized by this symbol.

Tear the cultivation bags along the perforations

Kweekzakjes scheuren langs de perforatielijnThis symbol indicates that you need to tear these bags along the perforation line. This way you prevent the bag itself from tearing and having the contents fall out all at once.

Hang these cultivation bags/predatory wasps in the crop

Kweekzakjes of sluipwespkaartjes in het gewas ophangenIf a product is labeled with this symbol, the bags or parasitic wasp cards must be hung in the crop.

Rotate/shake the bottle before use

Fles draaien/schudden voor gebruikSome products need to be turned or shaken before use. This is the case for products labeled with this symbol. 

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Geen blootstelling aan direct zonlichtDealing with biological products means you are dealing with living products. In most cases, these must not be exposed to direct sunlight because this kills the pest control organisms. 

Do not touch pupae with your fingers

Poppen niet aanraken met de vingersThis symbol indicates that you should not touch the pupae with your fingers. Touching them can have a negative effect on effective functioning of this product.

Distribution with the help of an intro-box

Uitzetten m.b.v. introboxThis symbol indicates that it is best to distribute this material by using an intro-box. This is a cardboard box with a hanging hook that can be used for clean and clear introduction of various biological products into the crop.

Distribution by sprinkling over the leaves

Uitzetten door te strooien over het bladThis symbol indicates that you need to spread this material over the leaves. For some products you only need to turn the cap of the bottle; for products with this symbol, the biological products must be distributed directly across the crop.  

Apply this product to the soil/substrate

Product uitstrooien op de grond/substraatThis symbol indicates that you need to sprinkle this material on to the ground or substrate. 

Questions about the symbols on product labels of biological products
Do you have questions about the meaning of the symbols on product labels of biological products, or would you like individual advice on the use of a particular product? Please contact Quality Controller Kevin van Kester via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible - on weekdays even within 24 hours.

Kevin KesterAbout Kevin van Kester

Kevin van Kester, specialist in the area of quality management of biological pesticides, has been working with Royal Brinkman since 2013. On the basis of IOBC-guidelines, he structurally monitors the quality of organic products of various producers throughout Europe. "My motivation consists of contributing to higher efficiency of the biological pest control, as such, due to which fewer chemical treatments are required."

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