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Medical cannabis | Laust Dam

Medical cannabis is probably one of the fastest emerging cultivations ever. This is no surprise, because with a market of 250 million users worldwide and a revenue of € 10,000 per m², this cultivation seems a goldmine, particularly because there are more and more by-products on the market. 
But is this really true? “Yes”, says Laust Dam. He is the worldwide expert and advisor in the area of medical cannabis cultivation. "If we grow cannabis the right way, it certainly could be. It is a most valuable crop and despite the large investment that is to be made, the return on investment is very fast. Where in vegetable cultivation you make an investment for twenty or thirty years, in case of medical cannabis this can be recouped after three or four crops. And the cultivation itself is not a lot different from other crops; it is just a plant that behaves like any other plant.”

Challenges in cannabis cultivation

Still this cultivation is not all peaches and cream, because also regarding medical cannabis growers have to overcome different challenges. For example, the company must meet extremely high standards in the area of hygiene; it is literally a pharmaceutical way of producing. Also, the use of pesticides is forbidden, while the end-product undergoes strict quality checks before it can be marketed. But the greatest challenge is lies in a totally different field: obtaining the required documents. Laust: "If medical cannabis is legalized in a certain country, it may take years before the first licenses are actually issued. This is because as a grower you must comply with all kinds of requirements. To illustrate this: for MediSun this took three years”.

About Laust Dam

Laust Dam is the leading expert and advisor in the area of cultivation of medical cannabis. He was born and raised at a nursery in Denmark and for years he has been the point of contact for growers of medical cannabis that hold a license. Nowadays Laust is Vice President of Horticultural Development at AURORA/ALPS and COO and managing director of MediSun in Canada. He focuses on opportunities, chances and threats regarding the large-scale cultivation of medical cannabis, with attention to cultivation planning, climate, irrigation and nutrition strategies as well as the required tools.

Laust Dam (MediSun & Aurora) als spreker op het Royal Brinkman innovatieseminar Let's improve together
Laust Dam at the Royal Brinkman innovation seminar - Let's improve together

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