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How does a Dosatron work?

How does a Dosatron work?Crop protection products and fertilizers are given to a crop via the irrigation. It is important to administer these products in the right quantity and concentrate. By using a Dosatron dosing pump, the correct amount can be administered to the watering system. But how does a dosing pump work?


The Dosatron is a proportional dosing pump that is connected to a water supply system. The operation of the pump is as follows:
  1. The water flow causes the piston of the pump to move; 
  2. The crop protection products or fertilizers are sucked in by the piston and injected into the pump body; 
  3. The water then mixes with the products; 
  4. The water pressure pushes the solution out of the pump; 
  5. Crop protection products and fertilizers are now given along with the watering system. 

The ratio of products to water can be easily adjusted, after which the pump operates completely autonomously. The dosage of the substances is always proportional to the quantity of water, regardless of the flow and pressure differences. Our specialist explains how to set the dosage of a Dosatron here.

Application of the dosing pump

In greenhouses, various applications are possible with a dosing pump. It is mostly used for irrigation, whereby fertilisers, fungicides and insecticides are given into the watering system. Another application is the dosing of detergents and disinfectants.

Questions about the use of dosing pumps
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