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The renewed BeNomic Star Pro

BeNomic Star Pro
Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last update: 23-11-2020

The BeNomic Star Pro is a pipe rail trolley, also known as a scissor trolley, developed for working high up in the greenhouse. This can be for maintenance of the greenhouse roof or for the care of high crops such as tomatoes. With the BeNomic you can easily move through the crop at different heights, without damaging the crop.

Regulation in Europe brings innovation

Due to stricter regulatory supervision, the old Benomic scissor trolley is no longer sold in European horticulture. Therefore Berg Hortimotive has developed the BeNomic Star Pro which does comply with the new EU regulations. The design is practically identical to its predecessor, the BeNomic, but the BeNomic Star Pro has been given a number of clear improvements and modifications. This design not only looks at the requirements surrounding the new regulations, but also incorporates a number of customer needs. The Star Pro is available in three different versions: the 350, 500 and 660.


The BeNomic Star Pro has a number of important improvements compared to its predecessor:

  • Double gates
    Where the BeNomic had only one entrance gate, the Star Pro has two gates, which are also self-closing. This makes the Star Pro flexible and safer in use. In this way, the car can be left from both sides and the chance of the doors not closing properly is zero.

  • TÜV certified
    The BeNomic Star Pro contains the TÜV quality mark. This means that the pipe rail trolley meets all quality requirements. In addition, the machine has been tested for safety and is environmentally responsible.

  • New user interface
    The user interface has been improved. All buttons are clearly visible. There is a battery indicator and it is possible to connect a USB to the pipe rail trolley. This can be used to charge a phone or add a fan. 

  • Improved battery
    Due to the improved 159Ah battery, the pipe rail trolley will last longer than its predecessor.

  • Safety features
    In terms of safety, the BeNomic Star Pro has made steps. For example, it contains a non-contact detection that allows the trolley itself to know whether it is on a pipe or concrete path. As soon as the BeNomic Star Pro detects misalignment, it automatically adjusts the speed or stops the car automatically. Even when the maximum carrying weight is exceeded, the pipe rail trolley stops automatically. Functionalities that its predecessor did not have. 

What is the difference between the BeNomic Star Pro 350, 500 en 660?

The three versions: 350, 500 and 660 do not differ in terms of functionality, but in terms of minimum and maximum height, load capacity and weight. In the table below you will find an overview of the differences in specifications:

Specifications Star Pro series

Min. heigthMax. heightLoad capacity WeightBudget 
 35053 cm350 cm250 kg 415 kg 
 50062 cm500 cm150 kg445 kg€€
 66070 cm 660 cm150 kg507 kg€€€

How do you make a trade-off between the BeNomic 350, 500 and 660?
If you plan to use the pipe rail trolley for crop work in tomato, cucumber and pepper cultivation, the 350 and 500 are a good choice. Do you want to use the pipe rail trolley for mainly maintenance work in the greenhouse? Then the 660, with a maximum height of 660 cm, is the best choice.

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Questions about the BeNomic Star Pro

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