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How to work safely in your business

Working safely in your business
Written by Martin Meuldijk | Last update: 27-08-2020

As employers it is important to offer your employees an environment where they can work as safely as possible. By identifying the possible risks in your place of business and implementing the appropriate measures, you minimize possibilities of hazardous situations and workplace accidents. But what do you need to pay attention to?

Warning Signs 

Good basic signage contributes to safety in the workplace  Think about warning signs as indicators for the emergency exit, dangerous goods signs or prohibitory signs. Often little attention is given to this, while our warning signs in the place of business can make just the needed difference. Therefore it is important that signage is placed in the appropriate place, is large enough and that the stickers and signs conform to ISO 7010 norms as drawn up in 2012.

Working safely with respiratory protection

When dangerous materials  - such as chemical crop protection materials – are used in the workplace it is necessary to use protective masks. These protect the mouth, nose and, in case of a full face shield, also the eyes. It is of importance that a well-thought out choice is made concerning the protective mask, so the mask will give optimal protection and the respective person can work safely.

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Hazard Symbols/CLP-pictograms

It’s also important that that employees who work with hazardous materials are aware of the meaning of hazard symbols (CLP-pictograms) on product labels.  This minimizes the chances of improper use and with that the chance of accidents. For example, hang an overview of the hazard symbols near the chemical storage. It is also adviced to have employees attend training about fertilizing products.

Fire Safety

In a greenhouse one deals with all kind of flammable materials.  It is therefore important to take preventative measures when it comes to fire safety. Ensure your workplace has fire extinguishers. Take note that you choose the appropriate extinguishers for the situation in which they will be used.

Maintenance and quality control of equipment

Working with badly maintained equipment can lead to unsafe situations.  By regularly inspecting equipment for faults, you will ensure your co-workers can safely work with the equipment. Furthermore we advice you to have certified mechanics carry out periodic inspections.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen even when all the above mentioned safety measures are being taken. Ensure therefore that a fully stocked first aid kit is available in your workplace and that it is checked yearly for expiry dates and completeness.

More information on working safely

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Martin MeuldijkAbout Martin Meuldijk

Martin Meuldijk has had more than 20 years of experience in the glass horticulture, nationally as well as internationally. Ever since 2016 he has been working at Royal Brinkman as a product specialist for the topics of Crop Rotation and Service Items. He likes to help growers to get the best results from their cultivation. His approach? ";Do what you say and say what you do: that is my motto. I attach great importance to always giving proper and honest advice."

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