How to clean clogged drippers

clogged drippersDrippers are very sensitive to pollution. Pollution in the drippers causes water flow differences, which has a negative effect on the quality of the crop. Therefore, it is important to clean clogged drippers as quickly as possible to prevent production losses. In this article our specialist explains how to clean clogged drippers.


A completely clogged dripper can no longer be unclogged. Therefore, first check whether there is still flow. If there is flow, the cleaning product can be sprayed through the dripper and the dripper can therefore be cleaned. If there is flow, check the degree of contamination to determine how you can clean the drippers.

Checking for contamination

You can check drippers for contamination by checking the filters. You can also open an end cap of a semi-line or dripping hose for control. Then hold a measuring cup or sieve underneath. Any dirt is then collected, so you can determine the degree of contamination.

Cleaning clogged drippers

Once you have determined the degree of contamination, you can start cleaning the clogged drippers:
  • If the drippers are slightly contaminated, use Huwa-San to remove the dirt. Observe 30 - 40 millilitres per m³. Spout regularly. 
  • If the drippers are quite contaminated, use a lower dosage of 20 - 30 millilitres of Huwa-San per m³. Check daily for loose dirt and sludge. 
  • If the drippers are seriously contaminated, there is a high risk of blockages. In this case, consult a specialist and make an action plan in consultation with him. 

Preventing blockage

Prevention is better than cure. That is why it is important to clean the drip system regularly. In this way you can remove (most of) the pollution and prevent blockages. You can clean the drip system both during and after cultivation. It is also important to spray regularly in between to remove any loose dirt.

Questions about cleaning clogged drippers
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