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Greenhouse roof cleaners

Top Cleaner
Only one press on the button is needed to have the Top Cleaner clean the glass and gutters and give them back their shine and sparkle. With a Top Cleaner, you invest in top quality that keeps performing year after year at a very low cost. 
• Custom built for you
• A lot more growing light in the greenhouse
• Available for all types of Venlo greenhouses
• With an extra option the Top Cleaner can also be used to apply coatings

Top Cleaner Poly 
The roof cleaner poly is a multifunctional machine it can therefore achieve more than just clean the poly roof. It can also brush the greenhouse gutters and you can use the integrated spray booms to quickly apply protective layers, cleansing agents or coatings. The roof cleaner suits most modern poly greenhouses (up to 12.80 m) and can be adjusted to the different peak widths and the shape of the roof construction.
Short return on investment
A lot more growing light in the greenhouse
Poly roof has a longer life span
Can also be used to apply coatings
No adjustments of the greenhouse needed

The AquaJet
The AquaJet is specially developed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse, because a clean start is the best start, right?

Riding over the present tube rail system, the AquaJet cleans the greenhouse and interior under high pressure. The machine is available with steplessly adjustable telescopic boom, so the roof can be approached from up close and is cleaned and disinfected perfectly.

Thanks to its simple plug & play method, every employee can work with the AquaJet Greenhouse. An ideal machine for every grower. 

An optional module is available to quickly and efficiently clean cultivation gutters. 
•    Plug and Play method
•    Efficiently cleaning and disinfecting of gutters and greenhouse interior
•    Easy to move and maintain


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