How to clean a spraying trolley

How to clean a crop care sprayer trolleyAfter spraying it is important to clean the spraying trolley properly so that it is ready for its next use. If you do not do this, there is a chance that crop protection products will remain in the tank, which can cause crop damage the next time you use the spraying trolley. In short: always clean a spraying trolley after use! 

The importance of cleaning a spraying trolley

Cleaning a spraying trolley has several advantages. First, this is necessary for proper functioning of the crop care sprayer. It also prevents spraying damage because residues of crop protection products don’t end up in the crop unintentionally. In addition, it prevents unintentional contamination, which occurs when two substances that should not be in contact with each other are mixed (with all the consequences that entails). 

Removal of residual liquid

A tank of a spraying trolley always has a sloping bottom, which means that the pump can remove all the spray liquid. However, if you mixed too much spray liquid and there is residual liquid in the tank, you should empty the tank. This is done by diluting the liquid with water and spraying it over the crop (always do this in a different place). You can also transport the spray liquid to an incineration plant. The spray liquid must never be discharged into surface water or the sewerage system!

External cleaning

Cleaning a spraying trolley externally takes little water and time. With a spray gun that is connected to a source of clean water, you can clean the outside of the spraying trolley. Do this in a well-considered place and prevent the cleaning water from entering the sewer or surface water.

Internal cleaning

By filling the tank with clean water, you can flush pumps, pipes and nozzles and thus clean the interior of the crop care sprayer. For this purpose, it is best to use a spray gun that sprays the clean water into the tank under high pressure. For best results, pump a detergent around the tank. 

Collecting rinsing water

For both the rinse water of the external and internal cleaning applies that you must collect and dispose this according to the guidelines. 

Personal protective equipment

Always wear personal protective equipment when cleaning a crop care spraying trolley.  

Questions about cleaning a spraying trolley
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