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Buying a greenhouse spraying trolley: where do I start?

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Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last update: 03-03-2020

With a greenhouse spraying trolley you’re able to treat a large greenhouse surface. The spraying trolley can be used for cleaning the greenhouse floor and cleaning greenhouse windows, watering the crop and for the application of pesticides. The greenhouse spray trolley can be used for many other tasks. Spraying trolleys are available in many different types and sizes. Please take a few things into account when buying a spraying trolley. Make sure you choose the right spraying trolley for your situation, and let it equip with the right requirements. Our specialist has written down the most important points of attention for greenhouse spray trolleys. 

Surface of your greenhouse

The surface of the greenhouse is one of the most important factors. The more hectares you want to spray, the more spraying fluid you need. In large areas, you should choose a large liquid tank, because this decreases the times you need to fill the tank. The liquid tank is available in various sizes, ranging from 60 to 2000 litres.

Furthermore the surface of the greenhouse plays a role in the choice of a spray boom or spray gun. For larger areas a spray boom is a good choice: this works a lot faster than a spray gun. A spray gun is more useful when spraying small surfaces or at precision.

Height of your crop

The height of the crop is especially important when choosing a spray bom. A spray boom is available in two variants: a horizontal spray boom or a vertical spray boom. With a low crop, the horizontal spray boom is the easiest; With a high crop you can better choose the vertical spray boom.

Length of the paths and the central path

The length of the paths and the main path determine how many meters of hose must be attached to the spraying trolley. This also determines how many meters of hose you need, and which reel suits best. For example, with a long hose, we recommend a spring or electric reel, while with short hoses a handgun complies.


Spraying fluid and pressure

Finally, you should consider what fluid you want to spray with the sprayer and what pressure it needs to take. This is in order to choose a sprayer equipped with the right pump. If you want to spray a thicker liquid and/or shading liquids, you need a sprayer with a diaphragm pump. For thinner liquids or for high-pressure treatments, you can better choose a spraying trolley with a plunger pump. The plunger pump is used most in horticulture.

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