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How to combine an Empas spray trolley and Dosatron dosing pump

Empas and Dosatron

Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last update: 19-08-2019

When you use an Empas spray trolley, you are working with large quantities of spray liquid. It is often difficult to mix the water and the crop protection agent properly and to find the right proportions. This can be frustrating, since this is very important for a good result. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem by using a Dosatron dosing pump. In this article you can read more about it.

How does a Dosatron dosing pump work?

The Dosatron is a proportional dosing pump that is connected to a water supply network; the water flow causes the piston of the pump to move. Using the pump you can easily adjust the proportions of crop protection agents and water. The Dosatron is connected to the water network and uses the water flow as the only driving force for the motor piston. 

The big advantage of a Dosatron dosing pump is that the dosage of crop protection agents is always in proportion to the amount of water, regardless of the flow and pressure differences. This way, the combination of an Empas spraying trolley and a Dosatron ensures that crop protection agents are always mixed very precisely.


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Combining an Empas spraying trolley and Dosatron dosing pump 

An Empas spray trolley is equipped with two tanks: a large tank with stirring pump which is used as mixing tank, and a small tank containing the crop protection agent. The motor piston of the Dosatron drives the dosing piston, which sucks the crop protection agent from the small tank in the set percentage. This is then mixed in the large tank using the driving water and the stirring pump. The float in the large tank ensures that the tank does not overflow, but that there is always sufficient spraying liquid. The spraying liquid is distributed through the pipes, after which you can easily pump it towards a spray boom, -mast, -robot or -gun.


Combining an Empas spraying trolley with a Dosatron dosing pump has the following benefits:
  • Crop protection products are well mixed, which ensures a better result.
  • The Dosatron can be directly connected to the water network.
  • No electricity is required; the flow of water forms the driving force for the motor piston.
  • The small tank prevents you from having to work with a heavy spray trolley unnecessarily.

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