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Spraying with crop protection products in spots | How does it work?

spraying in spots
Written by Jan-Paul de Wit| Last update: 07-04-2021

The horticultural sector is increasingly opting for integrated pest management (IPM). Integrated pest management means that when controlling pests and diseases, one always first tries to control them with biological crop protection. Chemical crop protection products are only used when biological pesticides prove insufficient. And if chemical crop protection products are applied, this is often done by spraying in spots. In this article you can read more about spot spraying.

Local spraying with a crop protection product

Growers are increasingly opting not to apply crop protection products to the entire crop, but instead to only spray at the spots where pest hot spots are located. However, due to the introduction of the relabeling, it was unclear whether spot spraying was still possible. Meanwhile, research by the Ctgb shows that it is certainly possible, provided that it is properly processed and recorded in a registration with clearly named sections.

Divide the plot into (numbered) sections

The crop protection products which growers use on the entire field may also be used for spot spraying. However, there is a catch: the maximum number of applications per cultivation cycle or per 12 months as laid down in the statutory use regulation may not be exceeded. In addition, spot spraying must comply with the conditions stated on the label. 
The grower should further divide the plot into clearly numbered sections. This way, it is clear which sections may have the maximum frequency applied and which may not. To keep track of this, a separate spray registration must be kept for this section. The NVWA also checks the separate spray registration during inspections. 

More information about spot spraying

Do you have questions about spot spraying, or would you like tailored advice? Please contact crop protection specialist Jan-Paul de Wit via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible – on weekdays even within 24 hours.

Jan-PaulAbout Jan-Paul de Wit

Jan-Paul de Wit is specialist in Integrated Pest Management. He helps and advices growers on how to improve their crops and how to fight diseases, viruses and pests. He advises on the best products to use so that they optimally match the objectives of the grower, as well as the crop, greenhouse and environment.

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