Which types of spray nozzles are available?

There are different types of spray nozzles available for different use. It’s important to choose the right nozzle to get the best result because spray nozzels determine the volume, drop size and spray pattern. In this topic we will discuss different kinds of spray nozzles: Split top nozzle, Swirl nozzle and Floodjet nozzle.

Split top nozzles

Split top nozzles provide a ellipse way of spraying and is used with low pressure spraying. These nozzles are suitable for almost every application. There are different types of Split top nozzles:
  • Basic Split top nozzle: this is the most common version. This nozzle is a relatively small drop en provides a uniform distribution of the spraying agent.
  • Venturi nozzle: this nozzle provides bigger nozzles and they are filled with air. When the drops touch the crop they splash into smaller drops. This creates a better coverage on the crop.

split top nozzle

Swirl nozzles

Swirl nozzles give cone way of spraying and are used with high pressure spraying. These nozzles produce fine drops, but because of the way of spraying they are less suitable to attach on a spray boom. There are different kinds of Swirl nozzels:
  • Swirl nozzle with hollow cone: this nozzle provides smal drops in a circle on the edge of the cone pattern.
  • Swirl nozzle with full cone: this nozzle produces big nozzles in a circle.
swirl nozzle

Floodjet nozzles

Floodjet nozzles give an ellipse way of spraying and are used with low pressure spraying. They have a wide angle of 160° and are suitable for big spraying volumes. For example used by Herbicides. The mist of the Floodjet nozzles contain both big and small drops. 
floodjet nozzle

Recommendations for differtent types of nozzles

You can use different spraying equipment for spraying. It’s important that you use the correct nozzles. We recomment the following:
  • Bagpack sprayer & spray lance
    o For high pressure spraying: hollow or full Swirl nozzle
    o For low pressure spraying: Floodjet nozzle
  • Horizontal & vertical spray boom: Split top nozzle

Michael Visser
Questions about spray nozzles
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