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Our organic product range

  • Sustainability is becoming more and more important in horticulture.

    Plastic clips and non-biodegradable PP (polypropylene) twine are still widely used in greenhouses. This comes with the risk of plastic entering the environment, and in some countries it leads to higher waste costs because there are plastic residues in your green waste. Our selection of organic products can help you make your cultivation more sustainable and avoid higher waste costs. Curious about what these products can do for your crop? Then read on quickly further to know everything about our biodegradable twine, Valent Cordenka® Growth, and our organic clips.

    Wondering which product is suitable for your growing facility?

Support your crops with our organic clips
Besides having all the benefits of regular plastic clips, our Bio Clips are also biodegradable. This ensures that you have no or less plastic waste in your green waste and that less plastic ends up in the environment. The clips have a strong closure and are easy to use. The excellent curvature ensures that there is less chance of damage to the plant.

The twine grippers are reinforced, so Bio Clips sticks well to the twine. It is clearly audible when the clip is closed. When it is closed, it can also be reopened easily. It ensures optimal guidance, does not hinder the growth of the plant and does not cause any damage.

  • Sustainability of organic clips 

    The Bio clips are biodegradable and have the following certificate: OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL

    All advantages at a glance:
    No additional waste disposal costs;
    No plastic waste;
    Sustainable and efficient second utilization options of plant waste;
    Available for different crops.


Valent Cordenka® Growth twine

Valent Cordenka® Growth twine is a product range of biodegradable high tensile strength rayon cords optimized for your crop. It uniquely combines the fulfillment of the demands for a reliable twine in your greenhouse with environmental sustainability.

Wide selection
With this Valent Cordenka® line, you have an extensive choice of different colors, such as yellow, green, red or basic white. Valent Cordenka® Growth is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the crop:
1. Cordenka® Growth 360 GA01 cherry tomatoes. 
2. Cordenka® Growth 420 AC for beefsteak tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine. 
3. Cordenka® Growth 360 GA01 for cucumber. 

  • Sustainability of Valent Cordenka® Growth twine 

    The twine is both industrially compostable and home compostable, and has the following labels: EN 13432 and OK compost HOME.

    All advantages at a glance:
    No additional waste disposal costs;
    No plastic waste;
    Sustainable and efficient second utilization options of plant waste;
    Available for different crops.

Outstanding breaking force

Valent Cordenka® Growth twines reach strength which can be compared to conventional materials, making sure to hold the crop weight during the whole growing season. However, this decreases during cultivation in the greenhouse. The load capacity is between 27 and 42 kg, depending on the thickness of the twine, so make sure you buy the right tensile strength for your crops. 

Tip: Good to know, compostable and biodegradable products have a limited shelf life and should be stored in a dry place, in the original boxes out of sunlight and at a temperature between 5° C - 20° C.



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