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Crop rotation machines to help speed up your cleaning process!

Crop rotation is intensive work and a very busy time for growers. To overcome these difficulties, Royal Brinkman offers, Royal Brinkman has put together a range of machines to make crop rotation a lot more efficient. Click on the product names below to view more information.

AC-E Roller

AC-E Roller:

AC-E RollerEasy removal, placing, or replacement of AC foil, screen fabric, screen supporting wire or monofil. The ACE Roller can also roll up the wire for pulling in the fabric, foil or polythene. The coiled material can easily be removed from the cone-shaped core. The tuberails fixation and the overload detection ensure a safe and stable operation of this machine. The speed is adjustable and the operation is performed with push buttons. The ACE Roller is, due to the direct transmission, virtually maintenance free.


Length 1160 mm Weight (kg) 195
Width 921 mm Electric motor (kW) 3
Height 1612 mm Supply voltage (V) 400
Speed (rpm) Stepless 0 - 140 Frequency (Hz) 50
Working speed (m/min) Average ca. 170 Standard adjustable for tuberails with 51 mm centerdistance (mm) 425,500,550,600
Capacity reel ca. 250 m A.C. film Option: Remote control

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Bio Chopper Compact

Bio Chopper Compact:

The Bio Chopper Compact shreds crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries or raspberries. The crop volume is reduced to approximately 20% of it’s origin. The machine works with tarps on which the crop is placed. It rolls up the canvas and pulls in the stems. The crop is then shredded or chopped, after which the crop waste is dumped into a container. The container can be emptied by a forklift. The Bio Chopper Compact has a user friendly interface, is built according to the latest safety standards and has a capacity of 2.500-5.000 m2/hour (depending on the circumstances). This machine includes an auto-sharpener for the knife-blades, an hydraulic system to open up the machine which makes maintenance and cleaning easy, a swivable discharge unit, an optional metal detector to avoid damage to the knife-blades, and other impressive features.

Extra options

  • Lighting, Toolbox, Iron detector
  • Extra control box to drive the tracks electrically
  • Electrical control handle (joystick) to roll up canvas
  • Remote control
  • Transport mats with core
  • Fan for additional air support in the blow funnel

Technical specifications

Dimensions LxWxH 2400* x 2049 x 1999** mm Max. driving speed 2,1km/h (normal mode) / 3,8km/h (fast mode)
Wheelbase 1307 mm Shredding capacity 2500-5000 m2/u (depending on circumstances)
Gauge 1370 mm Max. length of transport mat 200 m
Width of tracks 230 mm Diesel engine John Deere 4045TF280 (56 kW)
Ground clearance 200 mm Weight 3100 kg
Ground pressure tracks 515 gr/cm2    

*(with standard discharge unit)
**(with standard discharge unit)

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Bio Hopper XL

Bio Hopper XL*:

The Bio Hopper XL is an efficient machine for removing various horticultural materials such as rockwool, perlite, coir, slabs, tomato leaf, groundcover and various crops (cucumber, peppers, strawberries etc.) in a greenhouse. The Bio Hopper rolls up the canvas on which the material is drawn to the machine. The material falls on a conveyor belt, which transports it into a (bunker) container or on the concrete path. Instead of a containers, the material can also be driven out with a foliage fork. Each Bio Hopper is ready-made for any particular type of tractor, wheel loader or forklift.

Standaard equipment:

  • Standard guide tube (2x)
  • Crop conveyor belt with canvas
  • In height adjustable drawbar eye: Cat.2-Ø25,7 / Cat.3-Ø37,6
  • Folding jockey wheel

Extra options:

  • Guide roll with bearings
  • Lighting
  • Transport mats with core
  • Safety doors instead of shielding plate (HW-no.: 4418100)
  • Onboard hydraulic unit driven by PTO (HW-no.: 4418106)
  • Onboard hydraulic unit driven by electric motor 10hp-7,5kW 400V 3 phase

Technical specifications:

Main dimensions in transport position LxWxH 4945x 1750 x 1901 mm Max. length of transport mat 160 m
Gauge 1000 mm Hydraulic working pressure 120-180 bar
Tire dimensions 24.0×13.00-12 (2x) Hydraulic flow 40-100 liter/min
Bodemvrijheid 200 mm Supply voltage 12-24 VDC
Processing capacity 3000-7500 m2/u (depending on circumstances) Weight 910 kg

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The Multiroller is suitable for winding tomato haulm/plants, ground plastic/foil, screen cloth, AC foil, drip irrigation hoses or CO2 tubes in horticultural greenhouses.
The haulm and / or plastic is wound on a tapered hexagonal pin, which is equipped with a powerful hydraulic pusher. The Multiroller can be customized for any type of tractor, wheel loader or forklift.
The Multiroller is often used in combination with the Super Twister .

Technical specifications

Dimensions LxWxH 2438* x 1710x 1711 mm
Hydraulic working pressure 100-230 bar
Hydraulic flow 30-60 liter/min
Weight 660 kg
Accessories Storage support
Fixating for a FEM-support, three-point or Weidemann 3007
Options: Hydraulic 6/2-valve installed on Multiroller 12VDC or 24VDC for the rolling and pushing functions

*Length: 2438 (FEM-support), 2498 (three-point), 2623 (Weidemann 3007)

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Super Twister Binder

Super Twister Binder:

The Super Twister binding machine is designed for binding tomato plants in horticultural greenhouses. The crop is guided through a drum and wrapped with nylon rope, so that one long strand is formed. This strand can be rolled up using the Multiroller . It is also possible to shred the bound crop with a Bio Chopper , without the use of tarps (transport mats). The maximum length for tying crop is 120 meters. For larger lengths the strand wil break when it is pulled out. The working speed of the Super Twister is about 1.000 m2/hr.
The binding machine is equipped with adjustable flanges on the rollers, making it suitable for various pipe rail systems.


  • Feeder supported by slewing ring
  • PVC drums for rope to be installed on feeder
  • Rings to adjust the gauge


  • Lighting
  • Hydraulic stabilizers with swivel castor wheels

Technical specifications:

Main dimensions in transport position LxBxH 2180* x 780 x 1363 mm Ground clearance 65 mm
Wheelbase 1029 mm Max. driving speed 6.0 km/h
Gauge 500-600 mm Petrol engine: Honda GX270 (9 hp)
Tire dimensions: 3.0-4 4p (10x, foamed)) Weight 505 kg

* Length: 2180 (with seat), 1990 (without seat)

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