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Requirements for growing peppers professionally

Pepper growerRoyal Brinkman, together with its valuable network, is dedicated to create a better and sustainable future for you, as entrepreneur in the protected horticulture worldwide. Together we look ahead and anticipate future developments: with improvement as our goal.

Royal Brinkman focusses on supplying high quality products in combination with developing innovative solutions and applications, either standard or customized, for our pepper growing customers.

On this page we aim to give you an impression of the total range we can support your pepper greenhouse with. Our range is wide, from standard crop supplies to the investment goods that allow you to automate your greenhouse.

Pepper Crop Supplies

The start of the new pepper crop is a busy and hectic period, but also very exciting to put the the plants in the greenhouse! At Royal Brinkman you can find a total package of crop supplies and requirements for starting a new growing season. As a supplier we offer a wide range of articles with a strong focus on convenience, availability, practical know-how and operational reliability. Let’s improve together is our philosophy.


In horticulture, fertilization is a crucial part of the growth of the crop. Every crop has different needs and therefore a different fertilization strategy. That is why Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of fertilizers for professional greenhouse horticulture. Whether it concerns solid fertilizers, single or NPK, or liquid fertilizers in various types. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the right fertilizer recipe. Each fertilizer recipe contains the main elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and Sulphur. In addition to the main elements, trace elements are often added to the pepper fertilizer recipe.

Automation and Machinery

Automation of your greenhouse activities can reduce the cost price of your produce, because it improves both the efficiency of the business process and the quality of the product. The initial investment costs of automation are often higher, but in the long term you can save greatly on labor costs. You don't have to deal with unnecessary work, working conditions, environmental factors, etc. This way your employees can focus on activities that need a human touch. Here below you’ll find an impression of the available automation and machinery for growing peppers.
  • Hygiene in pepper cultivation

    We are regularly startled in our professional industry by (new) viruses, diseases and pests. And for the new challenges in this area there is not always an effective solution or remedy immediately available. Hygiene is a continuous process with constant development in terms of products and regulations. We want to help our customers from the start of new construction projects to analyze the risks in the field of hygiene. Preventing bacteria, fungi and viruses within your professional business is better, and easier than curing them.

    HortiHygienz stands for a total solution for your hygiene issues in horticulture. What are the biggest risks in your crop? Which solutions cover the risks and are practical? You will be advised and guided through the entire process of choosing, installing and using the solution.

    No less important, the introduction of professional hygiene equipment and measures, will influence the mindset of all your employees. When hygiene is incorporated into the culture of the company from the start, it makes the employees aware of its importance. This mindset among employees will ensure that clean and hygienic work becomes the norm.

  • hygiene in pepper

Internal transport & processing line

  • Internal Transport

    From picking to packing: complete greenhouse logistics. With years of experience in the professional greenhouse horticulture, we can advise you in your optimal logistical solution for your pepper greenhouse facility. We have developed a range of products for turn-key logistics and harvest solutions for the professional greenhouse industry.

      • Pipe rail trolleys with hydraulic scissors
      • Harvesting trolleys (transport trolleys)
      • Electric tow tractors
      • Automatic guided harvesting carts
      • Spray robots / Spray trolleys (automatic/manual)
      • Induction routes
      • Leaf picking trolleys

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  • Processing line and pack house solutions

    In addition to systems for internal transport and product processing in greenhouse horticulture we also supply all kinds of machines and systems to various industries all over the world. An efficient setup for the the pepper harvest trolleys is offered to the system by means of a induction system. This system should include:

      • Buffer systems
      • Weighing station
      • Pre-stacking
      • Loose peppers
      • Tipper
      • Small packing line
      • Conventional palletizing

  • The Service Engine for maintenance

    Richard Schenkeveld, tomato grower from Schipluiden, The Netherlands. "With the increase in the number of machines and an increase in personnel, we were looking for more insight and overview. We were told about the Service Engine App and that is where the ball started rolling". 

    Schenkeveld Tomaten started setting up the Service Engine by the end of 2020. Since January, Van Balen has been working at full speed with the smart digital tool. “Due to the growth of the company, monitoring and measuring the maintenance activities play a greater role and the Service Engine is extremely suitable for this”. In addition, the Service Engine is excellent for file creation by the possibility to add various items, such as photos, files or even complete e-mails.

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