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All products for growing soft fruit professionally

The cultivation of soft fruits comes with many challenges, such as drought, frost, hail, fungal diseases, pests and weeds. At Royal Brinkman, you will find solutions and products to solve these problems, both outdoors and indoors. We offer: biological and chemical crop protection products, as well as solid and liquid fertilizers, bumblebees for pollination of outdoor crops and under cover, hygiene and disinfection products, scissors and trays. In addition, the UniMite bio-distribution system offers you the possibility to easily distribute your biological agents in your soft fruit cultivation. 


  • Strawberries can be grown in a variety of ways: from traditional outdoor cultivation, via cultivation in plastic tunnels to greenhouse cultivation. Also among professional strawberry growers, cultivation in special cultivation trays and containers is becoming increasingly popular. By growing strawberries under cover, fruit production is less dependent on climatic factors and the crop itself can be better protected against diseases and pests. All this translates into higher fruit quality and higher yields, and thus an increase in the profitability of the crop.

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  • Strawberry

  • raspberry

  • Raspberry cultivation is traditionally outdoors, but more and more production is taking place under rain shelters, tunnels and in greenhouses. Raspberries thrive in moisture-retentive, fertile, slightly acidic soil (ideally pH 6.5–6.7), which is well-drained and weed free. They dislike soggy soil and shallow chalky soil.  For best results, plant in a sunny position. They will tolerate light shade, but may produce a smaller crop. 

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  • Blueberries are perennial flowering plants of the genus ‘Vaccinium’ that are usually grown for their dark berries. Blueberries can be grown on a wide range of climatic conditions. However, the best thrive in warmer (full sun) climates. Blueberry crop prefers soils which are highly acidic, fertile, aerated, moist and well-drained. The optimal soil pH range is 4.0 to 5.5 for best growth and yield.

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Mechanical equipment for soft fruits cultivation

  • DryGair

    The energy-saving DryGair dehumidifier is a device that allows you to control humidity in the crop. This is especially important because of the high risk of fungal diseases that can significantly weaken plants and destroy the crop. DryGair is ideally suited for tunnel cultivation, when it is not possible to reduce humidity with fans. 

    Advantages of the DryGair in soft fruits
    Removes moisture from the air 
    Energy saving
    Ensures a stable climate

  • UniMite

    After a period of extensive research and development, we succeeded, in collaboration with Pullens Mechanical Engineering, in developing a new bio-spreader specially for soft fruit cultivation. This has already been tested at a number of companies and has led to very positive results.

    Advantages of the UniMite in soft fruits
     Labor saving
     High working speed
     Simple filling system

  • Bio Chopper

    Bio Chopper is an advanced device for eliminating soft fruit crop in greenhouse or tunnel conditions. The device can be used for liquidating crops or for seasonal removal of leaves and shoots left over from plant pruning. The Bio Chopper is equipped with transport mats that efficiently transfer the leaves and shoots from the plants into a container or onto a trailer. 

    Advantages of the Bio Chopper in soft fruits
     Ensures labour savings
     Old crop is easily removed from the greenhouse
     The Bio Chopper can be folded out, minimising the space needed for storage or transport

Bumblebees & beneficial insects for soft fruit cultivation

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Fertilizers for growing strawberries in gutters

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About Jan-Paul de Wit, specialist in soft fruits cultivation

Jan-Paul de Wit has been a crop protection specialist with a focus on soft fruit cultivation at Royal Brinkman for 8 years. He has a total of 20 years' experience in the horticultural sector and can advise you on the choice of products that are right for you and help you control diseases and pests.

He likes to visit farms to see for himself what the situation is like on site, so that he can give tailor-made advice on how to control diseases and pests as quickly and effectively as possible. Nowadays, this is done primarily through the use of beneficial insects, but also through corrective measures with chemical agents if necessary.

Jan-Paul finds it particularly important to support you proactively and to give personal and comprehensive advice.
If you have any questions for him, please contact him via the contact form below. 

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