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Hygiene protocols for horticulture

Hygiene is a very important issue in horticulture: by using various hygiene measures to prevent any diseases and pests from staying in the greenhouse, you ensure that the new crop will not be contaminated again. Our hygiene protocols for horticulture provide a step-by-step description of which hygiene measures are needed per crop to completely clean and disinfect the greenhouse after removing the old crop. Click on your crop or application below and view the corresponding disinfection protocol.

Note: the recommendations in these protocols are based on product approvals in the Netherlands.

 Tomato Pepper Cucumber

Hoe kies je het juiste gronddoek?
 Gerbera Rose Ground cover

Disinfection in horticulture

Disinfection in horticulture is extremely important. The hygiene protocols for each crop describe the hygiene measures you need to take to prevent the recontamination of diseases and pests.



Whitepaper: Hygiene measures in greenhouse horticulture

Hygiene measuresThe impact of a plant disease within your horticulture company can be enormous. You can prevent this with the right hygiene measures. Use this whitepaper to keep your business hygiene well under control. 



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Specialist Jasper VerhoevenAbout Jasper Verhoeven

Jasper Verhoeven, product specialist disinfection, is the first point of contact for growers when it comes to hygiene. "Customised advice has become increasingly more important, due to the risen demand for hygiene measures in horticulture and the associated challenges. Every time, I see it as a challenge to help a grower to create the ultimate situation at his enterprise."

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