What is HACCP?

HACCPHygiene is very important in fruit and vegetable production for the food safety. HACCP-guidelines will help guarantee the food safety by mapping the risks in the production process. With these guidelines risks can be limited and problems can be prevented. The HACCP-system distinguishes three different kinds of risks:

- Microbiological risks: contamination with bacteria, fungi, viruses or viroids.
- Chemical risks: hazardous substances such as residues of pesticides or other harmful substances
- Physical risks: including glass and sharp metal or wood particles.

Visitors and employees that come to the greenhouse, form a serious risk to cause spreading of diseases. That is the reason why it is advisable to let visitors wear visitor jackets and hairnets. The disinfection of footwear and hands at the entrance is also very important. A hygiene station is the perfect solution to  this. Disinfection matts and hand disinfection can also be a nice addition within the company, just like HACCP products. Our specialists can help you with the design of the entire implementation of your hygiene protocol.

Additionally, it is important that there is used a good hygiene control in the production and handling process. For example, by working with different colors of plastic tools instead of wood, the chance of losing tools and the contamination of, or damage to products will be smaller.

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