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Which tomato truss clips are available for the support of tomato plants?

Tomato truss supportAt the start of a new crop season, young tomato plants are very vulnerable. The plants can break or damage very easily. After a while the plant will grow very fast and the weight will get too big for the plant, which causes damage. This obstructs the production and the quality of the crop. There are different spots where the plant needs a little more support during the growth process. Truss support is the solution. Our specialist crop rotation can inform you about all possibilities.

Pinching support

When the tomato plant has been pinched, the risk of splitting of the plant is big. Under the influence of the weight the stem of the plant is splitting. Eventually this will lead to growth reduction of the plant. To avoid this, you can adjust clips on the tomato plants for support and avoid splitting. We advise to use these clips one month after planting. 

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Tomato truss support

After a few weeks the first tomato trusses will appear on the tomato plants. These first tomato trusses are very vulnerable and can van bend or break easily from the stem. This will have a negative effect on the quality of the tomatoes. Therefore it is of high importance to support the first tomato trusses with truss support clips. The truss support clip is very flexible and avoids the truss from bending which results in more yield and higher quality of the first trusses. 

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Stem/branch support

As the tomato plants are getting bigger, they will need support. Therefore the plants are getting tied up with twine. By doing this, you can use Easy clips. These clips will hold on to the twine (and not the plant). This can be done by means of two methods: turning in and clamping down. Traditionally, the traditional method of turning in is still used, but more and more growers choose to tie up the plants with the help of tomato clips. Turning in the plant requires experience, but fewer and fewer people are available who have this experience. In addition, the turning in of the plant takes a relatively large amount of labour. On the other hand, working with tomato clips is quite easy and can be learned quickly. This makes you less dependent on a specific person and allows any person to cling to plants. 

Another difference between the two methods is that when turning there is a chance of damage or breaking of the head, while this chance is less pronounced when using tomato clips. Cliffs of plants ensures that the plant is well supported. This minimizes the risk of Botrytis

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Tomato truss support clips

tomato truss support clips specialistQuestions about the clips for tomato plants
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